PETER LANDIS Saxophonist


Peter Landis
Zurich Saxophonist Peter Landis was born in 1957.
For more than 35 years he has been giving concerts in Switzerland
and other countries, including Canada and the United States. His professional musical associations include a duo with Mark Albisser, the Baumann-Hammerli Sextette, Legfek – a trio with Urs Blochlinger and Jan Schlegel, Four In One with Irene Schweizer, Urs Voerkel and Herbert Kramis, and many others.

Peter Landis, a respected saxophone teacher, has worked to help establish unique artistic collaborations in language, dance and theater, such as his 1986 work with the Luzern Theater, and his l992 work with the Bern Theater. He has performed as a soloist with both choir (1989 Chor Lunis), and orchestra (1993 Requiem with Jan Wallgren).

Peter Landis, Bäumlisächerstr. 54, CH-8907 Wettswil bei Zürich,
Tel. +41 44 700 29 40

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